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"Family pictures are easy to come by, but professional family portraits are works of art, bringing timeless beauty into a home. We chose Stephanie Garr to take our first set of family portraits five years ago, and just recently had another set taken to include our growing family. Stephanie’s work is nothing short of stunning. We already had plenty of cookie-cutter, studio family pictures, taken when our children were younger (from well-known studios in the Richmond area). We had been lined up like a group mug shot, stiff and unnatural. Stephanie’s vision and inspiration could not be more different from those stilted pictures. She does not work in the cliche. Her gift is to capture the essence of each individual personality with her camera. And as all great artists, it is her expertise in the use of light (indoors and outdoors) that sets her apart from the more serviceable photographers. She takes time and careful thought in creating the setting, the composition, then illuminates that setting and each subject to create a result that is visually beautiful and inspiring.We have purchased a variety of products and services from Stephanie: family and high school senior portraits, photo books and Christmas cards. The finished quality of each item is exquisite. Even the frames I have ordered from Stephanie for the larger portraits are gorgeous, enhancing their look of permanence and beauty. Our choice to repeatedly invest in Stephanie Garr Photography has been significant. Each individual and family portrait in our home reflects images of our finer, truer selves. Each are powerful visual statements about who we are, or who we are trying to be. And each light-filled portrait reminds us to value and treasure what is enduring and lasting: our family relationships." -Paula

"Thanks so much, Stephanie, for creating these beautiful images of our family. I wanted to capture each of my children and the stages they are in at this very moment and you did just that. It wasn't even a few weeks later that our oldest son started looking like a teenager. I'm so glad we created these images of our family when we did and I love looking at them and remembering how much I love each one of my children." -Kari

"When I heard Stephanie say, 'I create lasting images that help you to remember why you love your children,' it spoke to me. My boys had grown so fast in five years and we hadn’t taken time to capture those images as a family. My 6-year-old had a loose top tooth and we wanted to get pictures prior to that one coming out. Stephanie did an excellent job containing and directing – we’re active and don’t stop moving – to get pictures that brought out smiles and the love in our family." - Robb