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The Artist

From my first experience in the darkroom in 7th grade, I was hooked on photography. My love to create images has grown over the years. As a teen I was known to ask my mom to pull over to the side of the road so I could capture the beauty I saw before my eyes. To this day, one of my favorite things to do is wonder with my camera and capture everything I see.


As I learned to photograph portraits of people, my love to capture the beauty within a person has grown. The best compliment I have received is "you captured who she is." One of my favorite things to do is look through pictures. It brings back memories. I can hear the sounds of the people I'm with. I remember the things we were doing at that time. There's power in a photograph. Even my young children recognize this. My 3 year old daughter loves to look at pictures of us. And she will start to tell the story of what we were doing at that time. My girls like to look at pictures so much they don't even let me finish taking it before they want to see it! I have also been known to stay up late looking at pictures of my children and reminiscing of how much they have grown and changed and admiring the little people they are. And they are only 3 and 2, haha!


For me, I want to remember everything about my children. They are young, but already I wonder if I will remember how they were at these ages. Will I remember Tirzah's sweet voice? Will I remember how Ellie likes to sing and dance? I fear I will not remember these sweet, tender moments with them. I want to savor every second and every inch of them; the pitter patter of their running feet through the kitchen; their giggles as they play together; their soft, warm necks when they wake up from a nap. I just want to bottle it up and revel in these tender moments for ever. Unfortunately I can't. The days keep passing. They keep growing. Amidst the dishes and the laundry and the request for one more story and one more song at bedtime, I wish time would slow down. One day soon I will wake up having slept a full night, longing to rock them in the night one more time. I will trade play dough and baby dolls for car keys and friends. I want to remember how they are now. How they are each stage in their lives. I can't freeze time, but I try to with my camera. As I look back through the photographs I have taken over the years, it allows me to relive those moments just a little more.


What do you want to remember?





Pause, for a moment, and reflect upon what has mattered most in your life. From birth through childhood through adolescence and adulthood, the world changes around us as we grow and progress. As our lives continue forward, the adventures we have, the moments we share, and the people we love enrich each stage of our lives. To truly capture the essence of your life, you need more than somebody with a camera, you need a dedicated portrait artist who can bring out the joy inherent in life.


As a Master Photographer and a Certified Professional Photographer, Stephanie’s objective is not merely to take a picture, but to capture the memories from each stage of life. As such, her primary task is to bring out the beauties inherent in each individual’s personality. To enhance every personality Stephanie can travel to your preferred location and capture not only the people in your life, but the places where so many precious moments occur.


Life passes by quickly. Remember the meaningful times in your life with beautiful portraiture. Invest in your family with timeless portraits.